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Eco-anxiety and the state of the planet

Eco-anxiety and the state of the planet

by Bill Sheate

Understanding Eco-anxiety

  • Do you have a feeling of hopelessness about the world’s willingness and ability to tackle climate change and biodiversity extinction?

  • Do you feel helpless yourself in your own actions? What’s the point?

  • Do you fear for future generations?

  • Is this anxiety affecting all aspects of your life, your motivation to do things, to interact with friends and family?

Then you may well be suffering from eco-anxiety ……. Read more

Self-hypnosis half-day workshop

Self-hypnosis half-day workshop

A half-day practical Self-Hypnosis Workshop 

Saturday, 23 September 2017 from 13:30 to 17:30 (BST) - London

A half-day (4 hours) practical Self-Hypnosis Workshop that takes you a step beyond mindfulness and relaxation. No previous experience necessary, however, as this is a standalone workshop equally suitable for complete beginners and those experienced in other forms of relaxation/mindfulness. The workshop uses a cognitive behavioural, fully evidence-based (non-state) model of hypnosis...........