A half-day practical Self-Hypnosis Workshop

Event to be held at the following time, date and location: 

Saturday, 23 September 2017 from 13:30 to 17:30 (BST)

Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London
15 Prince's Gardens
SW7 1NA London
United Kingdom

A half-day (4 hours) practical Self-Hypnosis Workshop that takes you a step beyond mindfulness and relaxation. No previous experience necessary, however, as this is a standalone workshop equally suitable for complete beginners and those experienced in other forms of relaxation/mindfulness. The workshop uses a cognitive behavioural, fully evidence-based (non-state) model of hypnosis. For more information on hypnosis see 'What is CBH?'.

Mastering self-hypnosis enables you to relax the body and the mind quickly - within minutes - whenever you need to or want to, and rehearse a range of coping strategies and techniques in your imagination, so you can face stressful situations more easily and build greater resilience to whatever life may throw at you.  Self-hypnosis is especially useful for reducing anxiety, building calmness and self-confidence.  It can also be used actively in sport (e.g. focused concentration, or imaginal rehearsal rather than relaxation).  And it is surprisingly easy to learn.  

Workshop covers: ·        

  • What is hypnosis (and what it isn't)?       
  • The cognitive behavioural model of hypnosis 
  • Group hypnosis [practical]        
  • Induction, deepeners and rules of suggestion [practical]        
  • Self-hypnosis [practical]       
  • Developing self-hypnosis skills; applications (therapeutic, relaxation, sport etc)

All participants will receive a participant folder of materials/resources and access to online recordings. Refreshments will be provided.

Feedback from previous self-hypnosis workshops:

"Hypnosis demystified and made accessible in one afternoon! I am looking forward to practicing my own affirmations."

"A fantastic session perfectly balanced between theory and practice. I will take these skills away forever."

"Really great.  Thank you.  Will put this into practice."

Great course - I'm feeling very positive about exploring this some more!"

"Very helpful to build self-awareness.  Really clear guidance and tips."

"Really useful and enjoyable.  I can see a lot of potential applications in everyday life.  Thank you!"

"Excellent session - keen to learn more."

Ticket is by Eventbrite ticket only (£37.50) , purchased in advanced (maximum of 16 places available)