A 2-hour personalised, individual session on exam stress - now available for May and June 2019 only

  • Stressed out by exams?

  • Worried; wracked by self-doubt?

  • Tired from revision, but can't sleep?

  • Fearful; anxious about the outcome?

I'm offering - for a limited period only - a 2-hour one-off, personalised, individual session on exam stress at a highly discounted special student rate of £60 for the full 120-minute session. 

This is available during the peak university exam season of May and June 2019 only.

Too stressed to spare 2 hours from your revision? Then you know that's exactly what would benefit you the most!

The 2-hour session, using evidence-based, cognitive behavioural techniques, includes:

  • Understanding your stress, what it is and why you respond to exams the way you do;

  • Simple techniques to help you cope better with and manage exam stress, anxiety and worry;

  • New skills and advice to begin building lasting resilience, tailored specifically for you.

A single session won't banish all anxiety, but it can help you re-frame your approach and begin to change your thinking, and your emotional and behavioural responses to stressful situations. Importantly, it gives you practical things you can do to make a difference.

A limited number of appointments at this special rate are now available in Bloomsbury or South Kensington.

Email me at bill@imaginationtherapy.co.uk  or call 07553 825424 to arrange an appointment; early booking is advised.

Bill Sheate, 29 April 2019