I was awake half the night......

Insomnia is often linked with stress, anxiety or low mood/depression, but not always.  It can exist as an ongoing chronic problem which can seem quite unresolvable, going on for many years despite numerous attempts to find a solution.  A defining feature of insomnia is the sense of having slept badly and of suffering as a result..  Consequently you can end up feeling helpless to do anything about it. But if insomnia is an ongoing problem a range of factors are likely to be maintaining it as a problem, even some of the strategies you've learned over time to try to tackle it - what might once have helped may no longer be helpful.

If you've got to this stage then getting the right help is what is needed.  Surprisingly few therapists are trained to deal with insomnia, but I've had specific training in this area because of its often close association with anxiety and stress and the benefits cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can offer. Typical treatment for insomnia is likely to take between 2 and 6 sessions, depending on its nature.  But there are lots of things you can do to resolve insomnia, once you understand what is going on.

See Insomnia for further information and Contact to arrange an initial assessment and conceptualisation.

Bill Sheate - 10 December 2016