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Monday 28 October 6.00-8.30pm, South Kensington

Eco-anxiety …….

Do you have a feeling of hopelessness about the world’s willingness and ability to tackle climate change and biodiversity extinction? Do you feel helpless yourself in your own actions? Do you fear for future generations? Is this anxiety or sadness affecting other aspects of your life, your motivation to do things, to interact with friends and family?

Then you may well be suffering from eco-anxiety - a fear that something bad is going to happen, not just to you, but to the world and that you (and the world) won’t be able to cope. Or, more succinctly, a ‘chronic fear of environmental doom’.

This interactive workshop provides an opportunity to share experiences and develop a deeper understanding about what eco-anxiety is, and how you can better manage and re-frame your approach to it. The programme covers:

  • Introductions and overview

  • Understanding eco-anxiety - cognitive behavioural and metacognitive models

  • Maintenance factors - what behaviour maintains and enhances eco-anxiety?

  • Simple techniques to begin re-framing your approach

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Bill Sheate, 9 September 2019